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Namco continues to satisfy Android's gaming needs


With all of the attention being paid to the iPhone gaming market, it's easy to forget that Android likes to play games, too. Namco hasn't, though, today releasing four games that the likes of Data, the Buffybot and V.I.C.I. from Small Wonder should enjoy. (What? They're for phones running Google's Android OS? Oh.)

Following in the non-footsteps of its freebie Pac-Man release that hit alongside the T-Mobile G1 last September, Rolling with Katamari, Inspector Gadget (yep, that guy), and two Brain Age brain training games are now available on the Android Market. It doesn't sound like they'll be the last of their breed, either, with Namco Networks VP of sales and marketing, Scott Rubin, promising that the subsidiary "will continue to bring a broad range of exciting titles to users through the Android Market."

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