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NinjaBee publishing indie brain training game on WiiWare


NinjaBee Games is continuing the process of taking over the downloadable game market, making its first second move into WiiWare by publishing Grubby Games' The Amazing Brain Train, which manages to have both indie cred (it was a 2008 PAX 10 title) and WiiWare marketability (it's a brain training game).

The Amazing Brain Train features educational minigames in five categories: Search, Planning, Spatial, Memory, and Numbers. In addition to the obvious "Test Mode" and the single-game practice mode, Brain Train has a Quest Mode that offers players "quests and epic deeds."

NinjaBee has announced no release date for The Amazing Brain Train -- being WiiWare, we probably won't have any idea until it's released. In the meantime, you can download a free demo of the PC version here.

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