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Peggle Nights falling into XBLA


Peggle, after releasing pretty much everywhere else to critical acclaim, came out on Xbox Live Arcade this March, to additional critical acclaim, thanks to its new multiplayer modes. Now Peggle fans intent on either playing the game only on Xbox or on buying every Peggle release will have something else to look forward to as PopCap has announced the XBLA release of the sequel, Peggle Nights, coming by way of an XBLA expansion for the original Peggle.

Like other releases of Peggle Nights, the XBLA version includes a new Peggle Master named Marina, 60 new levels, and 60 new challenges and will be available to all Peggle players as a Title Update. Most importantly to some status-obsessed gamers, Peggle Nights will include three new Achievements, worth a total of 50 points.

Peggle Nights will be available sometime this fall for an undisclosed price.

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