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S1Digital adds networked CableCARD tuners to its media server

Ben Drawbaugh

While we knew that ATI Digital Cable Tuners were UPnP network tuners at heart, we've never heard of anyone actually using them across a network. But with the apparent imminent death of the 3rd party extender, OEMs are forced to find their own solution. For S1Digital that solution is a custom media server that fits into its Digital Entertainment Platform. The server starts at $3500, and in addition to all of the other media serving capabilities, it can have four or eight (license dependent) tuners connected to it and offer those tuner up to Windows Media Center PCs connected on the network. Each tuner has to be married to a specific PC, but this does give you the ability to watch live TV in the kitchen with only one cat5 drop running back to the server. So while this isn't exactly our the Windows Home Server and Media Center mashup we dream of, it certainly is a step in the right direction.

More than a Media Server: S1Digital's New Digital Entertainment Platform Stores
and Distributes All Kinds of Digital Media including HD Movies and Cable
ROCHELLE PARK, N. J., Aug 26th, 2009 – As households become increasingly
populated with an assortment of digital media from many disparate sources, consumers
have been calling for a way to easily store, manage and consume all their content around
the home. Now S1Digital ( has answered the call with the
Digital Entertainment Platform, which provides centralized archiving, storage and
distribution of HD movies, live and recorded HD television, videos, music, photos and
"The Digital Entertainment Platform is the most advanced digital entertainment offering
on the market today," stated Paul Heitlinger, President of S1Digital. "Our solution is
unique and we consider it a new category of product. No media server has been able to
integrate this many different types of media, much less stream high-definition TV and
The S1Digital Digital Entertainment Platform consists of three components: an
Entertainment Server, Media Center clients and a control solution.
The heart of the Platform is the Entertainment Server which consumes and catalogs
content from the built-in combo Blu-ray, DVD and CD drive, automatically downloading
cover art and metadata. The Server supports 16 or 32 terabytes of protected storage in a
3U rack chassis, or 4 or 8 terabytes in a 1U chassis. In addition, the Server can stream
live CableCard or ATSC HDTV to clients.
The Media Center clients play content stored on the server, streaming smooth 1080p
video and 7.1 channel audio. Live and recorded HDTV can be streamed directly to the
client, without needing TV tuners or a cable box directly attached. The custom designed
chassis is small, quiet and can also playback Blu-rays, DVDs or CDs directly from the
built-in optical drive.
An optional touch screen controller can manage the Media Centers from any room. It
provides two-way control enabling browsing of content including cover-art and metadata
and can integrate with existing control solutions from Crestron, AMX, RTI and other
touch screen controllers.
The Digital Entertainment Platform can be purchased as a package supporting as many
rooms as customers wish. The components can also be purchased separately so that users
can add new zones or include existing S1Digital Media Center models or control
"Integrators will realize the many benefits of selling and installing the Digital
Entertainment Platform," said Heitlinger. "There is no need for custom wiring back to the
server or for bulky components in each room and the platform communicates over local
network. In fact, there never has been such a powerful solution that's so simple to set up
and use, yet the platform costs less than most other single use media server solutions."

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