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The Daily Grind: If presented the opportunity to cheat, would you?


Programming errors occur, we know that. No one's perfect, and game designers are no exception. The wrong buttons are pressed, the design is faulty, or the code just performs functions that no one expected it to perform. (We know how much the latter happens.)

Sometimes, however, these things go unnoticed. They stay under the surface of the game for a while, until one person just happens to stumble upon a magical secret -- an exploit. That coding error has now turned into a possible source of major profit or a quick solution to something that was extremely difficult.

Today's question is, if you stumbled upon one of these opportunities, would you cheat or would you report it to the developers to fix it? Why would you choose your answer? Drop your opinions into the shiny white box below, and let us hear all of your anecdotes and passionate text speeches.

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