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Bring out your dead! App rejected? Roll again, adventurer


If you've had an app rejected by Apple in the past and it didn't actually involve nekkid pictures or you think it did not violate App Store policies (yes, realizing those policies can be vague at times), try submitting that app again. It appears to be a season of reconciliation, and it's time Apple got this right.

TechCrunch wrote (a couple of weeks ago) that the developers of the Rising Card app were happily surprised when none other than Phil Schiller intervened on their behalf and got their app approved. Great! We're hearing similar stories of previously delayed or rejected apps getting a second going-over.

So all we need now is a senior VP from Apple to jump in every time there's a minor discrepancy or some completely foolish misunderstanding of policy and implementation, right? Somehow I doubt this will scale. Phil is no doubt a ball of energy, but he can't power the entire App Store approval process -- which I'm guessing is getting a bit of an overhaul right now, but that's my guess. For all I know Phil just cloned himself and this will all just go away as Phils 1-99 take care of business.

Speaking of business, if you have had an app rejected and Sir Phil hasn't rode in on his horse to save the day, we want to hear about it in the comments below. Who knows? While we can't promise any real action from Apple, it might be good to air out your laundry since Cupertino seems, for once, in a listening mood. FCC comments notwithstanding. There's a lot of work to be done for people who want to run a real business on the store, but getting the approval process unbroken is a great move.

First on my list of WTF? rejections: Minipops. Apple, did you ever come up with a real reason for rejecting this one or had you hoped we'd all forgotten about it?

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