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Fallen Earth beats out Aion in D2D sales last week

Shawn Schuster

While most other MMO news sites are pointing out the fact that Champions Online has taken the #1 spot in Direct2Drive pre-order sales, and Aion's Collector's Edition is in 3rd place, we couldn't help but notice that Fallen Earth's pre-order sales seem to fit snugly right in the middle at the #2 spot.

In addition to this, Aion's Collector's Edition also secured the #2 spot for total Steam sales last week, which is quite an achievement when you consider what it was up against. So we would like to congratulate the indie Fallen Earth team on the chance to shine among the big boys, and the Aion team for showing other gamers that MMOs are alive and well.

Now is the part where you tell us all about the horrible experiences you've had with Direct2Drive and/or Steam. Ready, go!

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