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Nintendo Power teases DSiWare announcement


Framed as a conciliatory gesture for No More Heroes 2 coverage that didn't happen, the back page of the latest Nintendo Power promises that the next issue will reveal something of interest on DSiWare. The back-page blurb mentions that the mysterious reveal will be "a major DSiWare title that should make many of you very, very happy." Though, unless it's a free app that lets us read new information about No More Heroes 2, we don't see how we'll ever be satisfied.

It shouldn't be too hard to make DSiWare users "very happy." So far, if you don't like Art Style games (and somehow, plenty seem to dismiss the series), the service has been lacking. Even if you love Art Style, for that matter, it's been light on content. We just hope the new announcement is truly new and not something that is already out in Japan.

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