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Sony introduces five new feature-packed, confusingly-named Blu-ray DVRs

Tim Stevens

Now that Toshiba's getting in on the Blu-ray train, Sony needs to up its game. Enter a quintet of new players, each packing TV recording tech, overlapping feature sets, and seemingly nonsensical names. Starting at the low end is the BDZ-RS10, which sports a measly single digital tuner and 320GB worth of storage. Next up is the BDZ-EX30, adding a second digital tuner and a Blu-ray recorder into the action. Then the BDZ-EX50 moves up to 500GB of storage and adds PSP support, the BDZ-RX100 goes up to a full 1TB, and the BDZ-EX200 2TB. All but the lowest two support DLNA and can spin an hours worth of video to a PSP or X-1000 in under two minutes, meaning you could sync the entire Battlestar Galactica series in just over two hours and get your Cylon fix wherever you like.

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