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Retro Studios could return to Metroid 'some day'

Promoting the recently-released Metroid Prime Trilogy, IGN posted a video tour (embedded after the break) of Retro Studios' Texas offices. In the video, Retro President and CEO Michael Kelbaugh discusses the franchise and the possibility of a Retro return to the Metroid series.

While Kelbaugh notes the team was aware it would only be responsible for a trilogy within the franchise, he could not say the team will never return to Samus' universe. "I think Retro will always be associated with the Metroid Prime franchise and who knows, maybe we'll do another one someday," Kelbaugh said, leaving the door to a possible Metroid return slightly ajar.

For now, Retro Studios has hung up its Galactic Federation club coat and is working on new projects, in hopes to "refresh" its development team. Metroid continues to grow elsewhere with Team Ninja currently developing Metroid: Other M for the Wii. An exciting game on the Wii's horizon -- albeit with a terrible name.

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