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Psystar sues over Snow Leopard, abandons reality


When I was a kid my neighbor had an enormous St. Bernard dog named Caesar. It lived in a grungy dog house in their back yard. Caesar's hobbies included barking incessantly. In fact, that was all he ever did. All day and all night that furry, drooling monstrosity barked. LIke a canine jackhammer to the face.

Caesar wasn't half as annoying as Psystar.

To keep a ridiculous story short: Psystar sells its own computers capable of running Mac OS X. The back-and-forth battle between Psystar and Apple has done almost nothing to dissuade the clone maker, and this week it's gone to a whole new level.

Psystar has moved to sue Apple over the release of Mac OS X Snow Leopard. In short, Psystar wants an injunction and damages due to Apple's "...anticompetitive attempts to tie Mac OS X Snow Leopard to its Macintosh line of computers." That's right, in some wacky attempt to turn a profit, Apple has released a proprietary OS meant to run on its proprietary hardware.

They claim that their method of running Snow Leopard is different than Apple's method, and if they buy copies of the OS and install them on machines which they then re-sell, then everything should be OK. I support Psystar's right to capitalist goodness, but their stubborn adherence to a lost cause is annoying.

Like Caesar.

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