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Cage: Multiple playthroughs of Heavy Rain could 'kill the magic of it'

In a recently posted excerpt from a GamesCom 2009 interview, Quantic Dream's David Cage told G4TV that multiple playthroughs of the upcoming Heavy Rain could "kill the magic of it." Cage's hope is that players approach the title as they do life -- with no second chances -- but the dev understands (and accepts) that players will eventually attempt to relive the experience.

"The right way to enjoy Heavy Rain is really to make one thing because it's going to be your story. It's going to be unique to you. It's really the story you decided to write." While Cage is fine with players going back to experience the title multiple times, we have a sneaking suspicion that Quantic is working on an Inspector Gadget style self-destruction feature for Heavy Rain's retail release.

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