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God of War Collection coming to PS3 this holiday


It's like this, but more definition-ier.
Backwards compatibility is back ... sort of! SCEA has announced that the PlayStation 2 God of War games will be coming to PlayStation 3 on a single, HD-enhanced Blu-ray disc. Previously hinted at in a consumer survey, the God of War Collection will feature "reworked" versions of both games, running at 60 frames per second and 720p resolution. The port is being handled by Bluepoint Games, the team behind the PSN-exclusive shooter, Blast Factor. Hopefully, the games will be more than simply upscaled, giving original PS3 owners a reason to partake in the double dip. Update: And yes, it will have Trophies.

The Blu-ray collection will be available this "holiday season," and will cost $39.99 -- the same price as buying both of the games on PS2. This HD remix should give fans some time to practice Kratos' moves before God of War III completes the "triology" (oh, press release typos!) in March.

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