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One Shots: Makes being bad look good

We've sent out the call several times recently for players to send in screenshots of places we hadn't seen before, and we're glad to report that we've finally managed to land one from CrimeCraft. This inner-city One Shots was sent to us by Ivan, who sends in his thoughts: Just thought since [CrimeCraft] doesn't seem to be getting any love, I would drop a screen shot. This is the midtown district. A couple of skyscrapers in the distance. Notice the in game ads which I think fit in with the world very nicely; the little game that could. I think it has lots of potential. [I've] been having a blast.

if you're playing an MMO we haven't seen, we want to hear from you! Just email your images and thoughts in to oneshots AT massively DOT com along with your name and a brief description of the area. We'll post them out here for everyone to check out and give you the nod for sending it in.

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