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Engadget HD Podcast 153 - 09.2.2009

Trent Wolbe

We've probably never been more excited about CEDIA, and even though next week looks like it might deliver goods at Joe Six Pack prices, we'll just have to see. Meanwhile, this week we're happy to report Blu-ray prices are falling -- both for the hardware (PS3 slim) and software (you know, discs) -- while shoppers are getting familiar with the newfangled HD craze. If only digital downloads would follow suit in terms of pricing, terms, or both. Other than that, we managed to steer clear of too many rants, and Ben even took advantage of the helpful folks at the FCC to set the record straight on clear QAM. Speaking of setting the record straight, we'll be at CEDIA next week, so the show will come out later than usual, and probably without the live Ustream participation. Stay tuned for details.

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Hosts: Ben Drawbaugh, Steven Kim, Richard Lawler

Producer: Trent Wolbe

00:03:00 - Comments from Engadget HD Podcast 152 - 08.26.2009
00:12:50 - The PS3 slim as a Blu-ray player covered in the Engadget review
00:17:20 - Poll: Will you buy a PS3 Slim to use as a Blu-ray player?
00:23:39 - Surprisingly, cheaper Blu-ray movies make everyone happy
00:28:10 - Amazon & iTunes drop digital download prices. Still cost too much
00:36:15 - Bobby Universal Remote for the iPhone review
00:43:00 - Ask Engadget HD: Best way to feed HD to two TVs?
00:46:12 - DirecTV adds "dual live buffers" to its HD DVR
00:51:10 - S1Digital adds networked CableCARD tuners to its media server
00:54:10 - Clear QAM HD isn't going anywhere!
01:03:01 - The next Batman flick could be all-IMAX


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