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Hunting for those Runes of Magic item codes?

Shawn Schuster

Whenever there is a Runes of Magic item code giveaway, we are very excited to participate. We love the game and love talking about it! Yesterday began a brand new exclusive contest for a Golden Warrior armor set that will only be given away to 1000 players. Understandably, the rush is on to be the first to get this ultra rare set.

Unfortunately, the timing was horrible for when we received these codes, as 80% of our staff is away at conventions, speaking at panels, doing interviews or writing/transcribing those interviews. We are working on getting these codes set up from our laptops to get this giveaway out to you as soon as humanly possible, but we haven't forgotten how enthusiastic you Runes of Magic players are about your in-game items. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Codes can now be found here. Thanks for your patience!

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