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PAX 2009: LotRO Siege of Mirkwood coming this fall for $20

Kyle Horner

Yesterday's announcement of the mini expansion Siege of Mirkwood for Lord of the Rings Online was devoid of a date or a price, which was a deliberate choice on Turbine's part according to our PAX interview with the Executive Producer on the game. However, during our forthcoming interview with Jeffrey Steefel he informed us that fall is in fact the release date and once further testing is finished a more exact date will be announced.

As for the price, Turbine seems to be trying something new with a $19.99 base price and some special promotional deals leading up to the release of the new expansion. Keep an eye out for our forthcoming interview about all things Siege of Mirkwood, including the combat and mount changes that we think you're going to find quite intriguing.

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