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Video: webOS 1.2 in action, LED notifications just a hack away

Nilay Patel

Palm might have tried to bottle up that webOS 1.2 leak the other day, but it looks like it was to no avail -- videos of the new build in action have hit YouTube, and the hacking community has already ripped the code apart and found some new features. Just like we'd heard, the browser's been updated and there's revised and improved copy / paste functionality, but the big new feature seems to be email searching, which Pre owners have longed for since day one. Hidden deeper, it seems like the LEDs in the gesture area can be enabled for notifications by tweaking just a few lines of code, and there's also the somewhat disconcerting addition of remote app kill switch for Palm, which would apparently let it delete apps anytime it wants. We're sure this is just a cover-your-ass move as Palm prepares to open up the App Catalog -- and it's not exactly unprecedented -- but it's still a little disconcerting given how closely Palm seems to be monitoring Pre usage to begin with. Oh, but come on, let's turn that frown upside-down -- video of new features after the break.

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