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Apple touts 21,178 entertainment titles in the App Store ... did somebody just fart?


During Apple's "It's only rock and roll" event today, the company announced ... well, nothing important -- however, it did show off the nifty little graph above. During a section discussing how the iPhone/iPod Touch is a great gaming device, the company demonstrated the power of the iPhone OS by stating it had 21,178 "game and entertainment titles," far above the number of games available on Sony's PSP and the Nintendo DS.

Although Apple considers this grand number a triumph, it should be noted with cautious optimism. The great video game crash of the early '80s had a little bit to do with the lack of quality control happening in the industry, which was an issue Nintendo rectified with its "seal of quality" soon after. Then again, more recently, Nintendo itself has acknowledged a more Darwinian approach to games on its consoles. Forget quality control: Go nuts, Apple! Just please don't kill the games industry in the process.

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