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PSN Thursday: In time with Turtles, Silent Hill and George Takei


Oh, my! Although the release of Turtles in Time and Silent Hill on PSN this week is certainly noteworthy, it's the appearance of George Takei in PAIN that takes the cake. The original Star Trek star will be at your disposal to shoot from a canon and ... seriously, why would you want to hurt George Takei? He's awesome! The Andy Dick hurtable PAIN DLC character from a couple weeks back was a far more understandable option. Check out the rest of the update after the break.

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Playable Content

  • TMNT: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled ($9.99)
  • Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain [PSone Classic] ($5.99)
  • Silent Hill [PSone Classic] ($5.99)
  • Syphon Filter 2 [PSone Classic] ($5.99)
  • Katamari Forever demo
  • Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes demo
  • TMNT: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled – Trial Version
Add-on Content
  • High Velocity Bowling Heather ($0.99)
  • High Velocity Bowling Ball Pack - Graphic Patterns ($0.99)
  • High Velocity Bowling Ball Pack - Back To School ($0.99)
  • PAIN Celebrity Character 2 - George Takei ($1.99)
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Juggernaut Playable Character ($1.99)
  • Red Faction Guerilla Multiplayer Pack 2 ($6.99)
  • Guitar Hero: 100 Little Curses" by Street Sweeper Social Club ($1.99); "Fight! Smash! Win!" by Street Sweeper Social Club ($1.99); "Somewhere In The World It's Midnight" by Street Sweeper Social Club ($1.99); Street Sweeper Social Club Track Pack ($5.49) - Downloadable Track Pack featuring "Fight! Smash! Win!", "100 Little Curses", "Somewhere In The World It's Midnight" by Street Sweeper Social Club. Please Note: Many songs are available both as singles and as part of a Track Pack, so please carefully consider your purchases before downloading.
  • GHWT Disc Import ($1.99) - "Import songs from the Guitar Hero World Tour disc for use in certain other Guitar Hero and Activision games that have this feature (not all games may support this feature)."
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 Gary Player GC ($4.99)
  • UFC 2009: Undisputed Additional Fighters ($3.99)
Rock Band

  • Pulse 9/10 Edition
  • NHL 2K10 1 on 1 Moves Trailer
Themes and Wallpapers
  • Godfather Theme ($1.99)
  • The Transporter 3 Theme ($1.49)
  • My Bloody Valentine Theme ($1.49)
  • Cosplay Girls ($1.99)
  • Ele'Gals Theme ($1.99)
  • Hyperdesk Pulse ($1.99)
  • Hyperdesk Deep Shadows ($1.99)
  • Hyperdesk Dual Pack ($3.99)
  • Beach Theme ($1.99)
  • Dark Matter Gamma Ray ($1.99)
  • Dark Matter Subspace ($1.99)
  • Dark Matter Solar Flare ($1.99)
  • Dark Matter Trilogy ($3.99)
  • Fate/unlimited Codes Wallpaper 1 (FREE)
PSP Content
  • wipEout PULSE ($22.99)
  • Wild Arms XF ($29.99)
  • Half-Minute Hero Demo
  • Pulse 9/10 Edition (free)
  • Hyperdesk Pulse PSP Theme ($1.49)
  • Hyperdesk Deep Shadows PSP Theme ($1.49)
  • Hyperdesk Dual Pack PSP Theme ($2.99)
  • Beach PSP Theme 1 ($1.49)
  • Beach PSP Theme 2 ($1.49)
  • Rock Band Unplugged DLC

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