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Mercedes-Benz Vision S 500: it's the plug-in hybrid for old people

Darren Murph

Look, you won't find a bigger bunch of fans of the C63 than this here crew, but man, that massive "plug-in hybrid" logo might as well say "70+ aged drivers only, please." For everyone not interested in scooping up a Tesla Roadster, Chevy Volt or some other eco-friendly whip that they can't afford, there's the Mercedes-Benz Vision S 500. Made official this week during the run-up to the impending Frankfurt auto show, the 3.5-liter PHEV aims to grab the eyes of those who value class, comfort and luxury, and while this whole "gas mileage" thing is still very much in the air with this type of vehicle, early estimates peg the MPG rating at around 70. M-B has gifted the car with an 18-mile electric range, but most everything else is being veiled in secrecy until the full reveal next week.

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