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Trine's Platinum Trophy is all heart and soul


Though Trine's lengthy delay has become the butt of many a tactless joke, European PlayStation 3 owners can finally access Frozenbyte's physics-based platformer today -- the pleasant result of a wizard, a warrior and a thief walking into a cross-media bar. As consolation, the trio have brought along a Platinum Trophy, a rarity among downloadable PlayStation Network games.

"Trine has a Platinum Trophy because it's a fairly large game for a downloadable title (and dare I say great quality)," Frozenbyte PR manager Joel Kinnunen told Joystiq. "I think all the heart and soul we poured into the game fused into a platinum core, so maybe that's another reason." The virtual reward, obtained by earning all lower-tier Trophies, is generally reserved for the PS3's retail releases.

You may suspect Trine to become one of them -- the PC version made it to retail in North America, after all -- but Kinnunen ruled out any immediate plans for a Blu-ray release.


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