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WoW Moviewatch: Everyone is Crap


When I first loaded Everyone is Crap by Silverlined Productions, I wasn't sure what I was expecting. It sounds like he's dissing everybody, but "crap" isn't usually the word you'd use with that kind of thing. I discovered quickly, however, a sort of light, tuned rhythm with surprisingly inoffensive lyrics. The song seems to mostly be about a general malaise, the kind of work-day tedium that we all inevitably suffer at some point.

The video itself suits the song. It's kind of emotionally in the middle, without any bite or overwhelming angst. You've got a night elf kind of singing, kind of lamenting that everyone seems so run down. I might be reading too much into the piece, but it really felt like it was screaming, "Come on, people! Snap out of it!" When the elf gives a lollipop to a pair of sad humans, that really sealed the interpretation for me.

Overall, I liked the piece. According to the author, they created the video after a rough day and randomly searching "Everyone is Crap" in YouTube. Silverlined saw the song by Spoonbank, and subsequently created this video. It's pretty neat, even if I might be reading too much into it.

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