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Nier Replicant is sort of different from Nier Gestalt


Square has not one, but two Nier games in the works: one for Xbox, and one for PS3. Nier Replicant is being developed exclusively for PS3, and looks somewhat different from its Gestalt counterpart. Both games feature a white-haired protagonist named Nier, but Replicant's lead is a younger, slimmer and a bit more effeminate than the 360's lead character. Both stories have our hero(es) on a journey to save a family member: in Replicant, it's a sister, while in Gestalt, it's a daughter.

We're not entirely sure why Square Enix deemed it necessary to create two vaguely different versions of Nier for the two consoles. This new trailer does state that "peering into the mirror reveals yet another tale," so perhaps Square Enix fans will have to buy both versions of the game to get the whole story. We can't wait!

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