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Microsoft confirms Xbox 360 802.11n adapter


Late last week, we reported that Italian site MondoXbox had spotted an ad for an Xbox 360 802.11n adapter in the Gears of War 2 Game of the Year Edition box. Prior to that, the device was reviewed by the FCC. Speaking to Joystiq, Microsoft has confirmed that there is indeed such an adapter in the works. Unfortunately, the confirmation was accompanied by few actual details. Other than the fact that the adapter will allow gamers to "seamlessly connect with their home network with the highest wireless 'N' technology," we don't know anything about when it will release or, more importantly, how much it will cost.

Microsoft did refer to the device as "another choice to consumers," which lends credence to the belief that it will be marketed alongside the current Wi-Fi adapter, as opposed to replacing it altogether. Microsoft stated that more details will be available "soon" and advised us all to "stay tuned."

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