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Cake havers and eaters unite as Sharp promises better LCD contrast and efficiency

Steven Kim

Ah, the wonders of technology. Sharp's lab rats have come up with "UV²A" technology that should allow for tighter control of the liquid crystal shutters in LCDs; that's geek speak for "higher contrast and lower energy consumption." We know that simply calibrating your set can net you benefits in the same two areas, but this is the kind of incremental gain that will help push LCDs past plasmas in the long run -- a 60-percent increase in contrast with 20-percent less juice from the wall. We'll be ready to apply some salt to the 5,000:1 contrast ratio figure and leave it to the marketing department to handle the use of "UV radiation" to twist the crystals (a healthy suntan from your Sharp TV?). We're just excited to see some tech that's production ready, as in UV²A could be rolled out next month.

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