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Meizu M8 Second Edition rights all of the M8's wrongs, or not

Chris Ziegler

You could fault the infamous M8 for being eons late; you could fault it for shipping without a quadband EDGE / WiFi / 3G version; you could fault it for dancing in and out of the straight-up iPhone ripoff arena from its very inception; you could fault it for being really hard to find and buy outside of China. Most of that bellyaching can't be solved with a few tweaks here and there, but that's not stopping Meizu from whipping up a facelifted M8 SE with a few carefully-planned changes here and there. As far as we can tell this isn't the 3G remake we've all been waiting for, rather just a handful of minor touch-ups to keep the original model fresh for a while longer: better signal strength, an easier-to-use SIM slot, new firmware, and new packaging, just to name a few. Sounds like it'll be shipping for 1,999 yuan (about $293) in China, which would actually make this a nearly-perfect midrange unlocked Android set.

[Thanks, nice2know_u]

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