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Jade Dynasty calls out to the PvPer in all of us


Have you ever wanted to smacktard grief everybody in sight until you died from everyone ganging up on you? Have you ever wanted to completely ignore quests in favor of destroying everybody else? Well, if you have, then we just might have the server for you!

Jade Dynasty is turning on their PvP only server, "The Wildlands." On this server, all of the PvE only zones have been transformed into PvP zones, meaning that you're a target the second your character hits level 30. Using your Esper's botting function on this server is much more dangerous now, as going on auto-pilot means that you'll be defenseless to anyone who crosses your path.

Still, for those who prefer a much more hostile environment in their games, The Wildlands server looks to be exactly what you're looking for. Now, join battle and destroy!

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