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PlayStation Motion Controller on track for Spring 2010 release, software detailed

We just got our first brief taste of some of the retrofitted PS3 titles which would support Sony's new, tentatively-named PlayStation Motion Controller during Sony's TGS 2009 keynote. However, a piping hot press release gave us some of the most detailed info on the peripheral to date -- most notable of which is the re-confirmation that the hardware is still on track for a Spring 2010 release.

Equally as titillating is a comprehensive list of first-party "Motion Controller dedicated and compatible titles" which are set to drop (or in the case of the pre-existing titles, receive the new functionality via a patch) throughout 2010:

Software Titles for Motion Controller from SCE Worldwide Studios

Ape Escape (Working Title)
Echochrome 2 (Working Title)
Eccentric Slider (Working Title)
Sing and Draw (Working Title)
Champions of Time (Working Title)
Motion Party (Working Title)
The Shoot (Working Title)
Tower (Working Title)
Hustle Kings*
High Velocity Bowling*
* Motion control function will be added by network update, etc.

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