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TGS 2009: Take a break from the MGS Peace Walker demo for these screens


Is one blurry image from Famitsu not enough to sate your desire to look at the new characters in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker? We hope it isn't, because we have many images of the game, and we'd be sad if nobody wanted to look at them.

Our new gallery includes not only screenshots (featuring many Snakes crouching in front of all kinds of different things), but renders and Yoji Shinkawa character artwork for Snake and the new characters. Check out Snake's armor! There's also some new Ashley Wood artwork (the stuff with the yellow and red highlights) that exemplifies the art style used in the cutscenes. But we're guessing you know that by now.

Gallery: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (TGS 2009) | 45 Photos

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