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World of Warcraft Patch 3.2.2a is live


Being deployed right now across the live realms is Patch 3.2.2a. The patch is small and accounts for a handful of bug fixes which could only be made through the client. The patch file is only 8.01 MB for the US English PC version, so it downloads quickly and installs fine.

There should be no add-on problems with this minor patch, and it is by no means as extensive as Patch 3.2.2 which dropped earlier this week.

The biggest bug fix for me is that Wintergrasp walls will not display correctly. They weren't all showing up before exactly right, and it was more of an annoyance than a game-halting bug. But it's nice they fixed it. The other big thing that was fixed for many people, although I haven't experienced it on my systems, is the Mac client crashing often due to an ATI bug.

The entire patch announcement and "patch notes" after the break.

The patch announcement from Blizzard is as follows:

We have released a minor bug fix patch to version 3.2.2a. This sort of patch is very small in size, and we use them to fix specific issues that can't be hot-fixed. Issues addressed with this patch:

  • Fixed an issue players were having with ESC key causing the Battleground queue window to close.
  • Fixed an issue players were having with entering Battlegrounds while dead or in combat, while already in a Battleground.
  • Fixed the Wintergrasp zone map so it now shows the status of all walls correctly.
  • Fixed a crash Mac clients were experiencing with ATI driver.
  • Fixed the performance of certain spells that have transparent components.

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