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Rumor: Sony survey hints at PlanetSide 2 development

Sony Online Entertainment's PlanetSide was one of the more ambitious MMO titles of its time -- largely due to its focus on twitchy shooting action (instead of infinitely repetitive Dire Rabbit slaying). It seems Sony wants to re-energize the waning franchise with a new installment in the series -- a number of PlanetSide subscribers recently received an SOE email survey asking for inspiration as the developer begins to "plan to expand the PlanetSide universe with another game."

The language in the survey (posted after the jump) doesn't make it sound like SOE is working on a half-baked expansion or a genre-defying spinoff, as it tells participants, "the information you provide will play a critical role into helping guide the development and direction of the next hit Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter." The only thing we remember from our time with PlanetSide was getting killed a whole whole lot. We're not sure what Sony can do about that, besides entirely removing death from the sequel.

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