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TGS 2009: Motion-controlled LittleBigPlanet demo is grief-filled

Anyone who's ever played LittleBigPlanet knows that the experience is enriched when played with friends -- but what if one of your "friends" was not a Sackboy in the context of the game, but rather, an invisible agent of divine intervention? Think of it: He or she could effortlessly lift objects through the air, discard obstacles, bridge gaps or, depending on their temperament, instantly murder you.

Sony and Media Molecule are teaming up to incorporate this unsettling omnipotence into the customizable platformer with the launch of the PlayStation Motion Controller. You can check out a video of the motion-controlled LBP multiplayer demo (culled from Sony's Tokyo Game Show keynote) after the jump. Fans of the title might see this new functionality as a bold evolution Media Molecule's lovable game -- we see it as an unprecedented advancement in hilarious griefing technology.

[Via Kotaku]

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