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Five more quick tips for Aion (p2)

Brooke Pilley

3. Item and quest linking

Did you know you can link items and quests in chat? To link an item in chat, enter the command for the channel you wish to link in (e.g., /whisper, /legion, /group, /2, etc.) and then right-click the item from your inventory or profile while holding down CTRL on your keyboard. You can link multiple items per chat. Linking quests works the same way from your quest log.

You can also see what your character looks like wearing an item by left-clicking while holding down CTRL on your keyboard. This only works for items in your backpack (i.e., not in chat unfortunately)

4. Questing and grinding

The two main ways your character gains levels in Aion is through questing and grinding. Most people are used to questing so they spend more time and effort doing it. Unfortunately, if you don't grind, you really aren't maximizing your time. Questing may be more fun but it doesn't often earn you the best XP/hour, kinah/hour, or gear/hour because of all the time you spend traveling back and forth from quest-giver to quest-giver and location to location.

For best results, you should probably spend about half your session questing and the other half grinding (not accounting for crafting, gathering, and playing the economy). Actually, best results probably come from grinding 100% of the time, but you want to keep your sanity, right?

Pick a grinding spot where there are lots of valuable resource nodes around and monsters you can kill with minimum downtime. It all depends on your class, but you should probably be grinding on mobs at your level and/or +/- 1. Don't forget to stack up on health/mana potions, bandages, or Odella Powder. Also, do a quick search on the Aion Armory and look for mobs that drop the primary items you need for crafting (e.g., fluxes). Make sure to have lots of bag space for valuable items you can use later or sell.

5. Faster gathering

As explained above, it's always a good idea to pick a grind spot near valuable resource nodes. Nodes always respawn in the same spot within about 5 minutes, so you should be able to keep up a decent pace killing mobs and collecting between two or three nodes.

For those unaware, you can buy hats in your capital city (near the Aether Extraction trainer) that will reveal the location of ground and aerial resources. Wearing these hats will display resource node locations on your minimap (green dots we think). Dragging and dropping your main hat and your resource hat on your hotbar will allow you to quickly swap back and forth by clicking them. You should always be wearing your resource hat when traveling to ensure you don't miss any valuable nodes. Swap back to your stat-hat before entering combat.

That's it for this round! If you'd like to share any of your own tips, please leave a comment or submit them via our tips page. We'll have more tips for you soon!

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