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Game Crazy closing 200 locations in October [update]


Joystiq has learned that retailer Game Crazy plans to close 200 of its approximately 680 locations at the end of October. Sources working at Game Crazy stores attached to Hollywood Video locations have told us that the movie rental chain will remain open after their stores' closures.

Game Crazy's official statement on the matter: "Movie Gallery, Inc. is currently operating in an unprecedented consumer/retail environment. In order for us to continue to best serve our millions of customers across North America we're addressing underperforming stores and ensuring that there is sufficient [return on investment] associated with each of these stores going forward. The vast majority of our stores will be unaffected by these efforts."

For those who've placed a pre-order at a Game Crazy, it would be advisable to check if that location will still exist at the end of the month. We are currently working on obtaining a list of locations affected. If you're a Game Crazy employee with more details, please feel free to contact us*.

Update: If you know a specific location is closing, help us with our master list: Click here.

*Tips will remain confidential, please leave a valid email address in case we have further questions. Thank you!

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