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Super Street Fighter IV confirmed, eight fighters added

Looks like the rumors and speculation were spot-on -- Gamespot just revealed the first details on Super Street Fighter IV, a new version of the brawler released earlier this year in the U.S., which will rebalance the game's existing characters and add eight new fighters to the roster. For now, the only confirmed fighters we know are series regulars T. Hawk and Dee Jay, and a brand new female pugilist named Juri.

Due to the minor scope of the changes, Capcom won't be charging full price for the title -- however, the character balancing is drastic enough to prevent cross-game matches between SFIV and its Super iteration. The game is due out in Spring 2010 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. For more details about the updated Hadoken simulator, check out Gamespot's initial impressions. To see the complete version of the A-ha-esque trailer which was teased earlier today, watch the video after the jump.

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