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GoPro releases first footage from 1080p HD Hero Wide helmet cam

Tim Stevens

GoPro announced its 1080p HD Hero Wide helmet cam earlier this year, back when people were jumping off of high things and speeding around other things whilst wearing helmets. Now the summer adventure season is drawing to a close, the winter one is starting to develop, and the company has released a series of high-def, high-adrenaline clips to show what that camera can do -- most filmed when the days were still long and the sun still high. Sadly the videos are not embeddable, but click on that read link for your morning dose of speed. The company has also released a good bit of information about the cam, that it's 30fps at the full 1080p or an optional 60fps mode at 720p. 720p footage is recorded at a particularly wide 170 degrees, while 1080p footage is slightly less wide (though still rather broad) 127. Also, the company promises that the microphone will actually be usable at speed, a rarity in this sort of device. It's all slated to ship this fall, and we look forward to putting one through its paces then.

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