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Closing Game Crazy stores begin clearance sales this weekend [update]


The 200+ Game Crazy stores expected to close by the end of October will begin a liquidation sale, starting this weekend. Locations expected to shutter have received boxes and a list of items that are to be sent back for redistribution, which allegedly includes "all systems, major first party accessories (controllers, memory, etc)." The "majority" of games released within the last year will be also be sent out, "both new and used." Several employees have commented that closing stores will likely be "pretty bare" by the time the sale starts.

The timetable for the liquidation, corroborated by several sources:
  • 10/3-10/11: 30% off everything in the store
  • 10/12-10/18: 50% off everything in the store
  • 10/19-Closing: 80% off everything in the store
There doesn't seem to be a consistent date for when the stores will close, but we haven't heard of any location staying open beyond October 27.

We continue to work on getting a master list of which stores are closing, as well as a list of items sent back for redistribution. Request for official comment from Game Crazy corporate on several issues, including what customers with pre-orders at closing stores should do, have gone unanswered. If you're a Game Crazy employee with more details, please feel free to contact us*.

*Tips will remain confidential, please leave a valid email address in case we have further questions. Thank you!

Update 2: If you know of specific locations closing, click here.

Update: Adjusted liquidation dates slightly following new information.

[Thank you to everyone who contributed to this story!]

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