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Ask Engadget HD: How do I hook up surround sound without cables running everywhere?


Sometimes a move can necessitate rethinking one's home theater setup, which was exactly the case for our friend Amani. A shift from a room with carpets to run wires underneath to hardwood floors has him wondering what the easiest and neatest way is to hook up the rear speakers:

Ok, here is my dilemma. I used to have carpet in my main area where my TV is and surround sound is. Speaker wire would run under carpet. I just got hard wood floors installed so now there will be wires all over the place for my sound. What creative options do I have to set back up my surround sound but perhaps eliminate the wires or use wireless.connection to connect my speakers. I need help because I can't have speaker wire all over my pretty new floors! Thanks

So is the best route to drill right into the walls, some kind of invisible speaker cable, or is there a good wireless speaker setup that doesn't involve falling back to a HTIB? Let us know how you solved this kind of problem and save Amani some heartache and time.

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