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FigurePets: A Croc, an Egg and a Willy?

Mark Turpin

Back in June I brought you the news that FigurePrints were bringing out a new range in their 3D printed collectable WoW models named FigurePets. The original line up featured a limited run of three non-combat pets: The Clockwork Rocket Bot, Stinker the Skunk, and Speedy the Turtle -- who was by far my favorite!

For the readers out there who were fortunate enough to get their hands on a set of the original FigurePets then you can attest to how awesome they really are -- these little guys rock! I've got mine standing in formation around my Kungen FigurePrint letting everyone who comes near my computer know that I am a WoW player (or should that be "playa?" It does sound far more "gangsta" that way).

So it gives me great pleasure to inform you that FigurePets are back with a brand new limited series of three new non-combat pets. The line up this time is as follows:

Snarly – Crikey he's a beaut! If you weren't lucky enough to loot his bucket from the Bag of Fishing Treasures back in the Burning Crusade then now you'll have no worries in catching this little blighter and putting him on display – watch out though, he still bites!

Egbert -- This little guy could never seem to stand still -- he runs like me when I really badly need to "go" just without the unfortunate wet patch at the end. It's like he's always trying to win that age old question of which came first, the bird or the egg, though in the case I think we should call it a draw. This FigurePet is the only way I know to make him stand still long enough to appreciate how cute he is.

Sleepy Willy -- Other "lesser" bloggers/podcasters out there might take this opportunity to make lots of jokes about the male reproductive organ, you know, how lots of people on their server can't wait to finally get their hands on their Willy or how their Willy is shooting off all the time -- killing critters of course! All I know is that this is the only tiny Willy I will happily show off to friends and family and even join in when they comment on how cute it looks...

So that wraps up this set of FigurePets, a true dream team of non-combat pets. They are on sale from October 1st onwards and are retailing for the same price of $24.95 (€22,95) each in a set of three that also nets you with a 10% discount off of your next FigurePrint – not forgetting the new Classic Tier feature, lower cost for the EU and the sweepstakes for the Chicken Mount there's never been a better time to immortalize your WoW toon! Turpster the Gnome Warrior is going to look amazing in his full Might set and I'll make sure to show you on TurpsterVision when he arrives through the mail.

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