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Newell pays way to Australia, donations go to Child's Play


Despite the internet's best efforts to pay Valve prez Gabe Newell's way to Australia, the man simply won't take it. Posting on Fly Gabe Newell, the now infamous Australian Left 4 Dead modder "Joe W-A" says that not only are Newell and Valve project manager Erik Johnson heading down under next week, but they've paid their own way. "All the money accumulated will be going to the Child's Play charity," which Joe W-A tells Joystiq totals $3,099.54 from 233 donations.

Said Valve's Newell in an official statement, "The power of the gaming community and their ability to rally around a cause -- be it serious or fun in nature -- is amazing." And Newell's no stranger to both sides of it, having recently invited the creators of a Left 4 Dead 2 boycott to visit Valve's studios, sparking the joke email thread between Newell and Joe W-A that eventually resulted in the trip to Australia.

We'll have more on the visit next week; hopefully including a promised video from the Australian modder hosting Newell.

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