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Are we ready for an iMMO?

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

, the MMO for mobile phones from German developer CipSoft, has announced plans for an iPhone client release in Q1 2010. TibiaME has been around since 2003, and is said to be the first MMO for mobile phones worldwide.

Benjamin Zuckerer, responsible product manager for TibiaME, says "We started our first technical test run about a year ago. After we had mastered the challenge of developing an intuitive and easy control, we started to polish our graphics and decided to develop a completely new high-resolution client. As soon as the AppStore supported a subscription based business model, we were ready to go."

TibiaME (Micro Edition) is the mobile phone version of free-to-play MMO Tibia. Players can take their warriors and wizards wherever they go, fighting monsters and solving puzzles during lunch hour and between errands.

TibiaME is also looking forward to a high-resolution client. While it's still in early alpha phase, a few screenshots are available on TibiaME's Facebook page. The screenshots were taken with an iPod Touch, and the difference from the low-res screenshots is noticeable enough to make it a tempting addition to your iPhone game collection.

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