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Forgotten Disney characters are Epic Mickey antagonists

Justin McElroy

We can't seem to stop waffling on Epic Mickey. At the start, Warren Spector's involvement was enough to pique our interest. But we couldn't help but be a bit disappointed to see that Wii exclusivity might keep the game from being the graphical masterpiece we'd hoped for. But now, after reading a few details about the game scooped up by Eurogamer, we're right back on board.

The game reportedly revolves around forgotten Disney characters who, after years of being ignored, have grown bitter. None more so than Walt's first cartoon creation, Oswald the Rabbit. He's the one who spread all of the evil black goo around that you see above. Mickey will apparently have to use paint, thinner and erasers to draw his way through the world, which makes the Wii exclusivity a lot easier to understand.

Okay, so the black goo all over the world isn't the most original, but disgruntled Disney characters trying to wipe out Mickey? How cool does that sound?

(P.S. Captain EO as a villain. We demand it.)

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