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PSP O Rly? Modder adds camera, custom firmware to Slim, films own infomercial


Very rarely are we rendered speechless by a mod, but we have just seen a video that seriously blew our minds. It seems that someone called JoblessPunk DESIGNS has managed to imbue a PSP Slim with dual nubs (more on that in the video below), a second USB port for charging, a camera, custom firmware (for emulators and the like), and switched out the UMD for 32GB flash memory. But that's only the beginning: this gentleman is on a mission to single-handedly destroy the PSP Go by bringing his own vision of handheld gaming to the masses -- and to help him do just that he's put together one hell of an infomercial, complete with multiple camera angles, a vintage cable access set, and a truly mystifying soundtrack. See for yourself after the break. KK THANKS BYE

[Thanks, Robin]

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