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Sony TRIMASTER quad-HD LCD multiplies the resolution, and the price, of any home HDTV


Can't wait until December for Toshiba's CELL REGZA LCD? Sony is bringing its own 56-inch 3,840x2160 quad-HD display to market November 1 in Japan. Priced at 6,825,000 ($76,583) including taxes this is clearly for pros only, hence the TRIMASTER name referring to the three elements combined within -- exact color, accurate picture and reliability -- thanks to a RGB LED backlit panel built with incredible picture reproduction and exact calibration (with included software via a connected PC) in mind. While it's cheaper than JVC's $175k 4K projector, unless you're mastering the next Pixar flick, viewing high res satellite imagery or can't live without four HD feeds on one screen even the most well heeled amongst may be better served scouring bargain bins for a used Westinghouse D56QX1 for now.

[Via AV Watch]

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