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WoW Moviewatch: Curse upon Stormwind


Halloween is approaching, which makes it a perfect time for dark, moody machinima to start haunting the scene. Curse upon Stormwind by Aronyie is a great example of a seasonal piece that comes along at just the right time. While it's a pretty good horror vignette for any time of year, I feel that its themes and genre fit October best.

Unfortunately, I had a bit of trouble following the plot. The actual narrative itself wasn't clear to me, but I suspect some of that might have happened because I'm not familiar with the tropes and memes of horror films. However, the imagery and general cadence of the movie is fantastic. I thought the models used in the video convey a sense of unease and then a sort of grotesque revulsion.

Aronyie obviously did a lot of morphing to WoW's basic character models, as well as pulling in the farmer model from somewhere else. This high level of care and production speaks favorably of Aronyie. If this video is any indication, we should definitely expect great things in the future.

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