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Report: More Motorhead coming to Rock Band


During an interview with Public Radio International, Harmonix co-founder Eran Egozy spoke about his current musical inspirations and walked listeners through a tour of his offices. While making his way through the cubicles and sacrificial chambers that undoubtedly inhabit the offices that rawk built, the PRI host stumbled upon one employee playing something that sounded a bit familiar -- something that sounded a lot like Mötorhead.

"I was working on '(We Are) The Road Crew,' which is an upcoming DLC track," the Harmonix employee responded to inquiries about the track. Of course, Lemmy and his pals are no strangers to Rock Band or games in general; Mötorhead is featured in the upcoming Metal Track Pack, frontman Lemmy has been immortalized in Guitar Hero: Metallica and he was almost Eddie Riggs in the upcoming Brütal Legend.

[Via Plastic Axe]

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