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ASUS's Ion-based Eee PC 1201N, non-Ion 1201HA turn up in yet another leak


We'd already had a pretty clear indication that ASUS's Ion-infused Eee PC 1201N was on the way, and even gotten word of a few purported specs, but it looks like yet another leak has now kicked things even closer to all-but-official territory. Judging from the specs that appeared (briefly) on, this one will pack a 12.1-inch screen and Ion chipset as expected, plus an dual-core Atom 330 processor, which is certainly more welcome than the Atom 270 that was previously rumored. Otherwise, you can apparently expect 3GB of RAM, a 320GB hard drive, HDMI out, a multitouch trackpad, and a six-cell battery, among other standard fare (including Windows 7, of course). If that's all a bit much for you, it looks like ASUS will also have a non-Ion version of the netbook in the form of the Eee PC 1201HA, which dials the specs back across the board, including an Intel Atom Z520 and the usual integrated GMA 500 graphics in place of Ion. Still no firm word on a release for either of 'em, but all signs point to them being available on or shortly after the big Windows 7 launch date.

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