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HTC gets fancy with designer Tattoo covers

Chris Ziegler

We knew the Tattoo would be just a little funkier than the rest of the devices in HTC's Android line (though you've got to admit that the pink Hero is pretty freakin' funky), and that vision's now coming to fruition under a whole line of designer covers. Under the clever-but-obvious "Tattoo My HTC" and "Tattoo You" catchphrases, the company is now offering a selection of 15 replacement covers to spice up your sidearm for €11.99 (about $18) each -- and if you're not feeling any of them, you can design your own right from the comfort of HTC's site for €14.99 (about $22). That might seem outrageous for a battery cover, but the good news is that these aren't just pretty rear ends -- the covers replace both the front and back of the Tattoo for a whole-body makeover that's sure to impress your fashion-conscious friends.

[Via Pocket-lint]

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