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Ryzom deploys patch 1.6, extends web applications system


Ryzom has moved forward with their interactive web application goals, and with their newest patch players will be able to check mail both in-game and out of game.

While Patch 1.6 cleans up a few bugs, adds a few more tattoos to the game, and tweaks the GM's event creation tools, it also opens up the Ryzom player developers project even further. Beginning with the mail and notes applications, players will be able to log into the game's website to send/read their e-mail as well as review their in-game notes as long as they retrieve their API key.

But the development team's plans don't stop there, and they've put out the call for volunteer player developers to join them in the creation of new PHP tools for the website/game. While the job is strictly volunteer, it's one way for those aspiring to get a job in the games industry to get their foot in the door. Nothing says experience on your resume like, well, having experience on your resume. If you're interested, head on over to the Ryzom wiki for more information.

Ryzom's next patch, patch 1.7, will be focusing on high level content for all players, so get your skills leveled and be prepared for an extension to the endgame come next patch!

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